We help you handle your divorce in less time and for less money. Our self-guided solution offers:
      • We provide mediators and coachesup to 3 hours a month.
      • More than technology, we are a collective of humans that listen, guide, and facilitate one of lifes most difficult realities.
      • Our plans include our Divorce Readiness Quiz, Co-Parenting Plan, Spouse Location, Asset Division, Document Creation and more.
      • Wevorce plans start at $949.
      See How It Works $949 for the first month,
      $199 per month after the first month

      Our customized roadmap
      guides you every step of the way.

      "There was clarity and compassion in the process, plus changes could be made easily and my questions were answered promptly."
      Lisa L.

      Save money. Save time.
      Get peace of mind.

      Wevorce helps you and your spouse ensure your divorce is less damaging to you, your finances and the people you love.

      Once complete, you'll have all the necessary legal documents, plus a tools, knowledge and agreements to move on with the next stage of your life successfully.

      Not sure if you're ready to start?

      We can provide you with helpful tools and content when you explore the Wevorce community.

      Get answers to questions like:

      Explore Wevorce Support Tools

      What They're Saying About Us

      "It doesn't have to be someone's fault. Wevorce is about making divorce an easier process on everyone."

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